I am a Health Coach and Registered Natural Health Practitioner specializing in WFPBNO  (Whole Food, Plant Based, No Oil) diet and lifestyle. 

My practice is based on: 

  • Eliminating processed foods and adding in whole foods 
  • Promoting sustainability through veganism and the use of non GMO and organic products to optimize health and wellness for ourselves, non-human beings and the planet.
  • Self care and reflection
  • Treating the whole person and not just offering a diet plan

Your fork is the most effective tool to utilize when making a healthy lifestyle change.

Prevention is the best way to avoid disease but most people have not awakened to this idea yet! We have been so conditioned to wait for a health crisis to happen and then try to treat the symptoms after the fact that we have totally forgotten how to avoid the crisis in the first place. ​Proper nutrition is a major factor in helping combat many lifestyle diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and stroke. And once you learn the ropes, it is cheaper and easier than expensive surgeries, prescription medications and endless diets that eventually stop working.​We are experiencing a health care crisis right now. Many people are going without. The need for affordable and prevention centered care is at a critical point. What you feed the cells in your body affect your overall health. Food either fights disease or it feeds it. 

Eating a diet rich in whole foods consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains has been shown to reduce the risk and in some cases, even reverse many common lifestyle diseases. 

Let me teach you how.